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Abtech Environmental Services provides many industrial water treatment services.  From complete water plans to custom designed systems.

Abtech optimises the equipment selection for you with ~

  • Best available technology
  • Plants matched to your requirements
  • Equipment customised generally from our stocks
    of "standard" components
  • Cost effective solutions to all water problems

This is a free service for Abtech standard plants.

All custom designed plants come with a detailed operation manual for service and maintenance, or you can have Abtech service and maintain your plant.  With a full backup of components, we stock everything we sell.   

With plants all over Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific, Abtech can solve your water mysteries.

Complete Water Plans
We look at your water uses and waste, in an aim to ~

  • reduce water use
  • reduce waste
  • improve water quality

Water Treatment Plant Evaluation
First we assess the performance of the plant, then we identify improvements.  

Equipment Upgrading
We upgrade equipment to improve performance, capacity and efficiency, and reduce waste and automate to customer requirements.

Custom Design
Custom systems designed and developed for ~

  • Process Fluids
  • Waste Disposal
  • Water Recycling
  • Rinse Systems
  • Rinse Recovery
  • Ultrapure Systems

Regeneration Services

  • Mixed Bed Resin Regeneration
  • Resin Restoration or Conversion

Exchange Tank Systems

  • Deionisers
  • Carbon Filters
  • Custom Columns


Contact Abtech and have your water mysteries solved.






Abtech advise you should not attempt final equipment selection, leave that to us! 











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