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For Removal Of Water Hardness 

Dissolved Salts and Water Hardness

When rain water passes though the soil, it dissolves many salts.

Salts that contribute to hardness are salts of calcium, magnesium and iron.

When water has dissolved calcium and magnesium it is called hard water.

Iron salts also present problems of their own.

Iron salts can be removed from the water using a special iron filter.

Hardness is removed by a water softener.


Hard Water and Water Softeners

When hard water is heated, the dissolved calcium and magnesium salts form a scale in the heating container.  This scale could be in a tea or coffee pot, in a pot of peas or soup, in a hot water pipeline or in your hot water service.

When hard water is used for bathing or washing clothes, the salts form a scum with the soap that coats the skin and hair, leaving it dull and drab.

It also leaves scum deposits on washed clothes.

This all results in a high soap bill.

The solution to all these problems is to soften the water.


What is a Water Softener?

A water softener basically consists of a tank containing softener resin.

The hard water enters the softener and passes through the resin bed where all of the hardness causing salts are exchanged with sodium salts.

The water then leaves the tank soft.

Softeners are rated by the amount of hardness salts they will remove before requiring to be re-activated (regenerated).

When this capacity is reached, the hardness material in the resin bed are washed down the drain, using a solution of common salt in water called brine.

This process of reactivating the resin is called regeneration.

The cost of salt in this process is relatively small, cents per kL.


To learn more about water softeners, visit Abtech's Learning Centre. 


Contact Abtech for all your Softener needs.


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 SA-S, SA-A, SA-F5000
Seperate Brine Tank or Cabinet Softeners

Capacities to 6.6 kg
Flowrates to 110 L/min

SA-S, SA-A, SA-F5000 Specification Sheet

Cabinet ModelSeparate Brine Tank

Cabinet Model          Separate Brine Tank   



Capacities to 84 kg
Flowrates to 1000 L/min

SA-F25 to H80SV Specification Sheet


SA-F25                 SA-F50            


Twin Tank Softeners

Flowrates to 200 L/min

Water Meter Initiated
Changeover Control System
Continuous Soft Water

SA-TM Specification Sheet

SA-TM Water Softeners






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