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Abtech have a large range of Filters, for whatever your water treatment needs may be.

FMA Automatic Backwash Multi Media Filter
For removal of suspended solids

The impurities in water can be divided into the following broad categories ~

  • Suspended Matter
  • Dissolved Salts
  • Dissolved Organic Matter

The suspended matter that is readily visible as discrete particles can be removed by conventional filter media such as sand, paper or other synthetic media.

FMA-A, F, F40 & F50 Specification Sheet
FMA-MV & P80 Specification Sheet

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 FMA 550F40




FMA-SS  Automatic Backwash Multi Media Filter
For removal of suspended solids  

Separate Stream Backwash for Process Applications

eg. Cooling Towers

FMA-SS Specification Sheet


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FCA Activated Carbon Filter  
For removal of Chlorine, taste and odour

Application and Service Life of the Activated Carbon
Operating life of activated carbon depends on many factors.

The main factors are raw water quality and application ~

    Raw Water Quality
    Suspended Matter (Turbidity) Colloidal Material Organic Material - both dissolved and colloidal Chlorine

    On feedwater free of organics and suspended matter dechlorination is catalytic and the life of the carbon is five to ten years.
    This is seldom the case in treating natural water supplies.

    Removal of Organics, Taste & Odour
    The carbon has a finite capacity and should be replaced when this capacity is exhausted.
    This is determined by “breakthrough”; the appearance of organics, taste or odour in the effluent.

    In Summary
    The need for carbon bed replacement is difficult to define, it may be three months to ten years.
    Many users replace the carbon after one, two or three years operation.
    Continual testing is the only way to ensure the full capacity of the carbon is used.

FCA-A, F & F40 Specification Sheet


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FCA 150F40




FNA  Neutralizing Filter  
For pH correction and removal of small amounts of corrosive acidity in water.

When acidic water is passed through the bed, the media will slowly dissolve, neutralizing the acidity.

The filter must be backwashed at regular intervals to clean the bed and keep pressure drop to a minimum.

This is normally accomplished by an adjustable timer.

FNA-F5000, M40 & 2A Specification Sheet


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FNA Specification Sheet




IRS Iron Removal Systems
For removal of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide, taste and odour

Utilizes catalytic media to oxidize, precipitate and filter the iron and manganese and also removes taste & odour associated with these metals and sulphides.

IRS F40, M40 & P80 Specification Sheet


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