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Tri-Temp and Duo Temp Office/Home RO Systems
The ultimate in convenience and economy.

This system is a welcomed addition to any office by supplying continuous cold drinking water, lukewarm water and hot water for tea or coffee. (Duo Temp only cold and ambient).

The Tri-Temp system will save your business or home hundreds of dollars every year because you won't have to purchase expensive bottled water.  And, since the system is completely automatic you don't have to change those heavy bottles either.

The Tri-Temp system is built with quality component parts for years of trouble free operation.

How does it work?
Tap water reaching the system is processed in three separate stages.

First, the tap water is passed through a 5 micron prefilter to remove suspended materials such as sediment, insects, asbestos fibers, rust or other foreign matter.

Next, the water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane. This is the actual reverse osmosis portion of the treatment. The water molecules are literally separated from impurities and most contaminants.  The impurities are automatically discharged.

The third stage uses granular carbon to remove odours, dissolved gases, and chlorine byproducts such as chloramines, THM's and TCE's.

After the third stage is completed the filtered water is stored in Tri-Temp's own holding tank.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

It is important to note that no chemicals are used anywhere in the entire process. Your Tri-Temp RO system provides an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water free of harmful chemicals.


  • 35 to 70 gallons per day output
  • 3 Temperatures - Hot, Cold and Lukewarm
    (Tri Temp Only!)
  • 3 Individual Faucets for each Temperature
  • Automatic Shut-off when Storage Tank is filled
  • 5 Gallon Storage Tank - removable for easy service
  • Spiral Wound TFC Membrane
  • Double Float Back-up Safety Shut-off
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional Booster Pump
  • Optional Dual Temperature - Cold & Lukewarm
  • High Quality Components with FDA/NSF Approval
  • Size - L 12.5" x W 15.25" x H 39.25"
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Note:  On hard water supplies the feedwater should be softened for longer membrane life and better water quality.

Contact Abtech for your Tri-Temp RO system and start saving money today on fresh drinking water.


 Tri-temp office/home RO system




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