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Abtech - Do you have a water problem?




To fully define the problem and application, you will need to gather the following information ~

Contact Abtech for a
cost effective solution
to all your water problems.






  • Feedwater Analysis
  • Treated Water Specification
    (limits of contaminants that affect process)
  • Flowrates
  • Daily Consumption          kL/day
  • Duty ~ hours/day
        If 24 hours per day
        Availability or reserve capacity required
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Site Constraints
        Water Available - affects recovery
        Waste Disposal
        Space/Location ~ Topography
  • Any other relevant information known
    eg. the water causes these problems on site
  • Any Major Limitations
    eg. no sewer ~ must pay for any waste disposal







The selection process  varies for different types
of equipment ~

  • Filters, Softeners, Clarification
  • Demineralisation / Desalination (salt removal)
  • Ultrapure Water Systems
  • Custom Process Equipment










Once you have collected all the required information,
contact Abtech and have your water mysteries solved.




Abtech advise you should not attempt to diagnose solutions, leave that to the experts. 











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